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Real-time analytics helps you put boardroom reports together in a few minutes, instead of a few days.


Real-time data from your Pequity workflows show what decisions are happening where. Export or use the filterable dashboard to generate reports.


Based on industry best-practices, built-in analytics eliminates the noise and pinpoint what is important to understand your pay programs.


Easy to read dashboards that run off of granular permissions so you can give leaders the right level of information for their teams.

Modern and smart SaaS tools have built-in analytics. This is table stakes.

These smart systems have gotten smarter over time as customers use the tools—but the best type of analytics are “Boardroom Ready.” Meaning, a user should not have to copy and paste screen grabs and input data into slide presentations.

Pequity’s analytics are shaped around KPIs, and provide real-time insight without unnecessary bells and whistles.

We not only pick up where applicant tracking systems (ATS) leave off, we account for incomplete data that could lead to missed opportunities. Plus we provide easy .csv download capability so you can use source data with other softwares to gain additional insights.

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