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Know how your compensation program is performing

Replace hundreds of spreadsheets, disparate systems, and countless hours wrangling data with one single source of truth for your compensation strategy.

Solving compensation for leading brands
List of company logos that are active Pequity customers. This includes instacart, scale, trusted health, voiceflow, and may mobility

All of your compensation data in one place

See a unified picture of your company's compensation data to make better business decisions, no matter how many employees or systems you have to maneuver.

Easily monitor your compensation health to spot and correct pay issues

Use Pequity’s Comp Health tool to see at a glance which employees are overpaid, underpaid, or are hitting the mark perfectly. This will help you identify flight risks, opportunities to motivate, and align your compensation strategy with your pay philosophy.

Share and send key compensation information with company leaders.

Pequity consolidates and visualizes all the compensation data and metrics your team needs - and that your C-suite is looking for.

See how Pequity can simplify and streamline your compensation program.

See what else Pequity can do

Comp Cycle

Flexible and powerful compensation planning software built for modern compensation teams


Design, maintain, and share your compensation ranges at scale.

Employee Comp Overview

Automate comprehensive total compensation portals for your employees, & for managers to better understand and explain comp to their employees.


Embed compensation data directly in your ATS to speed up time to offer and win talent.

Visual Offers

An interactive, branded offer experience that wins candidates