Employee Compensation Overview

Explaining Total Compensation, Made Easy

Automate and streamline comprehensive total compensation portals to enhance transparency for employees, and enable managers to better explain and communicate total compensation to their teams.

Solving compensation for leading brands
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Empowering Employee Portal

Pequity's Employee Portal, makes it easy for your employees to access and understand their compensation package, including salary, equity, bonuses, and benefits for informed decision-making.

Clear Equity Display

Pequity presents equity at the grant level so employees get a better understanding of the true value of their equity compensation and the ability to see their equity status-in real time.

Comprehensive Overview  for Admins and Employees

Admin View shows the full compensation package, including equity and vesting schedules, making compensation discussions more clear, boosting employee motivation, and highlighting issues that could lead to losing top talent.

Salary is simple.
Total compensation is not.

This information is crucial because it provides both administrators and employees with a roadmap that shows not only where employees are now, but also where they're headed in terms of potential earnings as vesting milestones are met. This clarity helps administrators and employees make informed decisions and set realistic expectations about compensation.

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Comp Cycle

Flexible and powerful compensation planning software built for modern compensation teams


Design, maintain, and share your compensation ranges at scale.

People Insights

Replace hundreds of spreadsheets, disparate systems, and countless hours wrangling data with one single source of truth for your compensation strategy.


Embed compensation data directly in your ATS to speed up time to offer and win talent.

Visual Offers

An interactive, branded offer experience that wins candidates