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Pequity is a new class of compensation management software that combines the familiarity and ease-of-use of a spreadsheet with the power of automation at scale.

Next-gen enterprise compensation planning

With software as flexible as a spreadsheet and services from compensation experts, Pequity transforms compensation reviews into a fast, precise, and automated process. Designed for any complexity or unique philosophy, Pequity ensures data-driven decisions without the hassle.

Solving compensation for leading brands
List of company logos that are active Pequity customers. This includes instacart, scale, trusted health, voiceflow, and may mobility

What makes Pequity special?

Hear what compensation leaders around the world are saying about Pequity.

For compensation cycles, I am not looking for just the right tool - I want the right partner. Pequity's customer approach has been top notch since the beginning, and their tool is just the icing on the cake for my team.

Linda Lee
Chief People & Culture Officer
Velocity Global

Our experience working with Pequity has been wonderful. The tool has supported May Mobility’s efforts to streamline our compensation processes while allowing team member to collaborate together when making key hiring decisions.

Tom Tang
Chief People Officer
May Mobility

I didn’t think I could have felt so taken care of by a comp planning product and team. The Pequity team and their tool made our company’s comp planning cycle the easiest I have ever been through. Having a comp system that our leadership enjoys using and trusts makes our comp reviews so much easier.

Jarad Backlund
Chief Financial Officer
Skylo Technologies

Pequity's software has made updating and disseminating data easy; It lightens the manual work load on the comp team even with fast-changing processes.

Jess Chang
Senior Director of Compensation

Pequity made how we operate so smooth compared to how we've done things in the past. There were a lot of changes on the fly, and the Pequity team was great with quick responses and staying on top of everything. The Pequity team was incredible. I really can't thank you enough, it has made my life quite a bit easier during a pretty stressful time.

Adam Wayne
Head of Human Resources

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People are your most important investment. Compensate them right with Pequity.

More trust. More transparency. Less cost. Less risk.

Data & Security

Your data is safe with Pequity. With enterprise-grade security features like SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR compliance, MFA, SSO, and regular penetration testing - you no longer need to share sensitive compensation and employee data in spreadsheets.


Pequity is built around the familiarity of spreadsheets with the power of automation at scale. Pequity is designed to match the level of complexity and transparency for your unique compensation structure - meeting your program where it's at today, and taking it to where it will continue to grow.


Pequity is the single hub for all stakeholders to align on compensation. Communicate and collaborate with peers, leaders, managers, recruiters, business partner, employees, and candidates - to get everyone to champion your comp philosophy.

Culture & Brand

How you reward and motivate employees drives both your internal culture and external brand. From winning candidates to motivating employees - elevate your culture and talent brand with Pequity.

By Role

Solutions for every stakeholder
in your compensation process

With Pequity, you can manage compensation in one single platform. No more switching between tools or spreadsheets. Communicate and collaborate on pay decisions, and builds trust across your organization with ease.


Save time and money with Pequity. See and control your employee compensation in real time.


Get comp data at your fingertips. Pequity’s chrome extension lets you see and offer competitive pay in your ATS.


Plan compensation with ease. Pequity gives you the comp data you need to reward and retain your best talent.

HR & Compensation

Create and communicate your compensation philosophy. Pequity helps you align your pay strategy with your business goals. Simplify comp cycles and free up your time.

Pequity helps you —

Design a global solution

Many Pequity customers have a global presence and workforce. Working with Pequity means you’ll have the compensation data and expertise to help you make better pay decisions both domestically, and across the globe.

Automate your workforce

HR professionals are more in demand than ever before, with hundreds of jobs opening every day. By partnering with Pequity, you'll be able to automate pay decisions and time-consuming tasks, scaling up the amount of work your HR team can accomplish.

Maximize Your budget

Enhance the impact of your reward budget by integrating pay design and pay delivery.

Enable your Recruiters to become versed in pay and your Comp Analysts to receive program effectiveness feedback with each candidate interaction.

Remember everything

Our interactive hub ensures nothing is lost nor misinterpreted.

In a world of solution overload (Slack, Teams, Emails, etc.) how do you ensure you can tell the story a year or more after the fact?

Make great pay decisions - always

Our customers use pequity every day—not once per month or quarter like a salary survey. With Pequity, everyone gets real-time compensation data to help you make the best decisions in real time.

Pequity Integrations

Pequity is your single source of truth for all things related to compensation. Pequity pulls the most up-to-date employee census data from your HRIS for comp cycles and people analytics, and embeds compensation data directly in your ATS for recruiters.

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