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Pequity customers are seeing the benefits

2 weeks saved on comp planning

The average Pequity customer shaves 2 weeks off their end-to-end comp cycle planning process.

99% reduction in pay errors

Pequity customers reported a 99% reduction in pay errors after rolling Pequity out to their teams.

100% manager satisfaction

Polled Pequity customers reported their managers love planning for their team in Pequity.

Pequity helps you —

Design a global solution

Many Pequity customers have a global presence and workforce. Working with Pequity means you’ll have the compensation data and expertise to help you make better pay decisions both domestically, and across the globe.

Automate your workforce

HR professionals are more in demand than ever before, with hundreds of jobs opening every day. By partnering with Pequity, you'll be able to automate pay decisions and time-consuming tasks, scaling up the amount of work your HR team can accomplish.

Maximize Your budget

Enhance the impact of your reward budget by integrating pay design and pay delivery.

Enable your Recruiters to become versed in pay and your Comp Analysts to receive program effectiveness feedback with each candidate interaction.

Remember everything

Our interactive hub ensures nothing is lost nor misinterpreted.

In a world of solution overload (Slack, Teams, Emails, etc.) how do you ensure you can tell the story a year or more after the fact?

Make great pay decisions - always

Our customers use pequity every day—not once per month or quarter like a salary survey. With Pequity, everyone gets real-time compensation data to help you make the best decisions in real time.

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Compensation is in our DNA

Read why Kaitlyn's compensation leadership experience at Google, Instacart, Cruise, and more led her to start Pequity.
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Realtime market data

We partnered with le v e l s . fy i to bring realtime market data to Pequity.

Use in-depth compensation data to learn about competitors' compensation practices. Fill gaps with an unparalleled level of specificity that salary surveyors cannot provide.

Get market data


Realtime data reflects the fast-changing market. You'll get the most up to date and latest information from the day you subscribe.

Operational System Design


All data points are verified against Offer Letters & W2 statements to ensure the highest standards of accuracy.

People Analytics


Get an edge over traditional, averaged salary surveys with detailed breakdown by level, location, skills, company size, location and more.

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