Finally, a system that revolves around compensation

Plan, budget and execute on promotions, pay adjustments, and more with a tool built by compensation experts.

Streamline Merit Cycles

Take the stress out of merit cycles by automating workflows and syncing them with ranges.

Simplify Merit Increases

With Pequity, it’s easy to bump someone’s pay without a ripple effect of complications.

Easily Adjust Pay

Need to make pay adjustments between merit cycles? No problem. Everything will reflect in Pequity.

Fewer Manual Mistakes

With Pequity, there’s less coloring outside the lines, and forced justification when you do.

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Create and securely share your ranges & pay bands internally.


Make offers to candidates in hours—not days with an offer workflow focused on winning talent.

Comp Cycle

Plan, budget & execute on promotion & merit increases, pay adjustments & more with comp cycle workflows to make things easy.

Talent & Budget Analytics

See where you stand relative to your budget, drill down on accept & reject rates, and put boardroom reports together in minutes.

Visual Offers

Stand out in a job seeker’s market with a visual offer experience that lands your top candidate.

Salary Board

Share salary ranges with candidates directly or in job posts - in a simple, automated way.

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Solving compensation for leading brands
List of company logos that are active Pequity customers. This includes instacart, scale, trusted health, voiceflow, and may mobility

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