Recruiter Workbench

The Recruiter Workbench—A Lifesaver

Stop switching between Slack, email, and spreadsheets. Pequity’s recruiter workbench has all the tools to help you make offers with confidence, keep managers informed, and closely monitor competitive market trends.


Speed up time to offer, present analytics in real-time and ensure the right data is given at the time of decision.


Compensation, recruiting, and hiring managers all make pay decisions together within a secure, permissioned platform.


Reduce expensive errors and pass your future audits with structured approvals and exportable change history.


Integrate to the systems you already use - across Applicant Tracking Systems, HR Information Systems, Payroll, and more.

ATS, Email, Spreadsheets, and Slack—oh my! Why do we torture our talent acquisition teams this way?

The rate of errors in offer letters (wrong person, wrong money, wrong start date) would shock those outside the HR Department. Applicant Tracking Systems help, but working in an ATS can feel like a second job.

Often, it’s a tornado of budget, headcount approval, job descriptions, job postings, comp analysis, re-grading, re-posting, and headache. Hiring Managers are waiting on JDs, Recruiters are waiting on Comp, and during all this, someone wants to make a change. Sound familiar?

Pequity’s recruiter workbench puts the recruiter in the driver's seat and keeps them there. No more Slack, email and spreadsheets. You now have the controls, including the ability to collaborate in real-time, saving precious minutes in the war for talent.

Pequity’s Recruiter Workbench has all the tools to make offers with confidence, keep managers informed of progress, and closely monitor cost-per-hire. Plus, our analytics provide insights to recruiters so you can make better decisions over time—improving your recruiting process, and locking down the talent you really want.


Integrate with your existing tools to sync compensation information and workflows.

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