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Pequity is the world's first proactive pay equity platform.

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An offer workflow everyone loves

Compliant and equitable new-hire offers done collaboratively and faster, integrated to the tools you already use. Proactively compare pay to peers & ranges, notify decision makers with automated approval chains, and track historical pay decisions.

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Speed up time to offer, present analytics in real-time and ensure the right data is given at the time of decision.


Compensation, recruiting, and hiring managers all make pay decisions together within a secure, permissioned platform.


Reduce expensive errors and pass your future audits with structured approvals and exportable change history.


Integrate to the systems you already use - across Applicant Tracking Systems, HR Information Systems, Payroll, and more.

Ranges Offers Comp Cycle Analytics Visual Offers Salary Board

New! Pequity Ranges built with Aon

Intelligent Compensation Software + Trusted Compensation Data

Get started with Pequity’s best practice range framework, backed by Aon’s Compensation Data.


Create and share ranges & pay bands with strong permissions

Pequity Ranges helps you create and share range & pay band data internally, in a way that’s secure, efficient and scalable

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Make offers in hours—not days

Stop switching between Slack, email, and spreadsheets. Pequity’s recruiter workbench has all the tools to help you make offers with confidence, keep managers informed, and closely monitor competitive market trends.

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Comp Cycle

Plug your ranges & pay bands into comp cycle workflows to make life easy

Promotions and merit cycles require several tools—and several departments—to get the compensation data you need. With Pequity, all your relevant data is located in one convenient place, allowing your team to collaborate on equitable pay decisions together.

Talent & Budget Analytics

Reports for everyone - internal budget review, boardroom or something else - we’ve got you covered

See analytics gathered specifically for the HR executive. Export or use the filterable dashboard to generate reports.

Pequity talent analytics dashboard

Visual Offers

Stand out with a visual offer experience that lands your top candidate

Pequity’s Visual Offer Experience enables every candidate to have an interactive, branded offer experience that communicates professionalism, and elevates your talent brand.

Salary Board

Share salary ranges with candidates in a simple, automated way

Cities & states are legally requiring employers to share salary ranges in job posts. Salary Board allows you to publish ranges to job posts in minutes.

By Role


Plan, budget & execute on promotion & merit increases, pay adjustments & more with comp cycle workflows to make things easy.

Talent Acquisition

Make offers to candidates in hours—not days with an offer workflow focused on winning talent.

Human Resources

Share salary ranges with candidates directly or in job posts - in a simple, automated way.


See where you stand relative to your budget, drill down on accept & reject rates, and put boardroom reports together in minutes.

People Ops

A clear, data-driven approach to compensation.

Executive Leadership

Instantly spin up boardroom reports, and securely share pay information internally.

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