Smart Ranges

Create and share your Salary Ranges with fine-tuned permissions

Pequity Smart Ranges help companies create and share range data in a way that’s secure, efficient and scalable.


Share ranges to anyone you invite, without the spreadsheets, using Pequity’s granular permissioning system.


With Pequity you can adapt your pay ranges for any role, level, or location in the world. Create your own custom compensation ranges, or use the ones we've already created.


Minimize manual work so your comp programs grow with you, and take the guess work out of what people should pay.

We measure expenses, time, and outcomes. We benchmark. We compare our experience to the experience of similar companies and competitors. But fundamentally, we’re still guessing.

While salary survey participation and market pricing are the norm across the globe, there is significant disagreement about data sources and their integrity.

Salary surveys and market pricing are the norm around the globe, however the integrity of the data is regularly disputed and often out of date. At Pequity we stay out of salary survey disputes, because we believe one size does not fit all.

We avoid the traditional, outdated methods of collecting compensation data, and we opt for a more reliable method. By using our various sources of market data and in-house analytics, you can invest with confidence.

Smart Ranges are our proactive approach to measuring salary ranges, helping you make confident decisions about compensation one candidate at a time.

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