Digital Offers Experience

Digital Offer Experience vs. The Traditional Offer Letter

Pequity’s Digital Offer Experience enables every candidate to have an interactive, branded offer experience that communicates professionalism, and elevates your talent brand.

More than 40 million workers have left the workforce in recent years, and millions more are looking for greener pastures.

As a result, companies are trying to attract talent through sharper marketing and improved candidate experience.

The best companies are making the most of every interaction, especially when it comes to making offers to candidates or current employees. We’ve found that the best companies are: proactive, timely, frequent, relevant and meaningful.
Pequity’s Digital Offer Experience includes something for the recruiter and hiring manager, but more importantly, it focuses on the candidate.

Every candidate gets an interactive, branded offer experience that communicates professionalism, digital savvy, and elevates your talent brand.

Pequity’s Digital Offer Experience highlights both immediate and longer-term perks, all benefits, pay rules and eligibility, and includes a modelling component so the candidate can see how their wealth will grow over time. It really communicates the value of your total rewards package.

When top candidates see your digital, on-brand offer, they’ll know which company is recruiting for future growth, and which ones are lagging behind.

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