Comp Cycles

Smart & Simple Compensation Cycle Planning

Promotions and pay increases require several tools—and several departments—to get the compensation data you need. With Pequity, all your relevant data is located in one convenient place, allowing your team to collaborate on equitable pay decisions together.

Performance and compensation management can be hectic. Promotions and pay increases are a great thing, but they require dozens of conversations with hiring managers, comp analysts, and executives.

Comp cycles are also a positive thing that can feel like a chore when you’re serving as the middle man in so many detailed conversations. And all these conversations need documentation, which requires extra employee resources.

Pequity solves this by putting all your data in one place, where everyone involved can collaborate and execute together. And since this takes place inside the Pequity platform, you’ll have complete documentation for every past discussion and decision.

With Pequity, leadership understands where target amounts are coming from, and teams plan for and complete comp cycles faster, with documentation and justification preserved where you can find it.


Integrate with your existing tools to sync compensation information and workflows.

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